Political Science 6th to 10th New School book Topic Wise Notes (English Medium)

It contains all the Political Science topics from 6th to 10th std.


Understanding Diversity
Term 1 6th

Achieving Equality Term 1 6th

National Symbols Term 2 6th

The Constitution of India
Term 2 6th

Democracy Term 3 6th

Local body Term 3 6th

Road Safety Term 3 6th

Equality Term 1 7th

Political Parties Term 1 7th

State Government Term 2 7th

Media and Democracy Term 2 7th

How the State Government Works Term 1 8th

Citizen and Citizenship Term 1 8th

Understanding Secularism
Term 2 8th

Human Rights and UNO
 Term 2 8th

Road Safety Rules and Regulations Term 2 8th

Forms of Government and Democracy 9th

Election, Political Parties and Pressure Groups 9th

Human Rights 9th

Forms of Government 9th

Local Self Government 9th

Road Safety 9th

Indian Constitution vol 1 10th

Central Government vol 1 10th

State Government Vol 1 10th

India’s Foreign Policy vol 2 10th

India’s International Relations
 vol 2 10th

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